Sunday, September 30, 2007

Now I've Got It

My friend Molly wanted a change purse, but she wanted it a little larger, about 7"x 5". Something she could put in a larger purse to hold her cards, keys, and change. She had a small zippered bag but was always digging around for the change. I offered to make a little pocket but she thought maybe a divider would work better. Great Idea! I have been wanting the same kind of thing for my big work bag, so the next one is for me. Funny how it works like that sometimes.

The divider is the red and white gingham, it's a little over half the height of the bag. My flickr friend Mindy clued me into splityarn's tutorial for a zippered wristlet that solves the problem of the hand finished lining. I figured there must be one out there somewhere - thanks splityarn!

Molly picked the fabric because it reminds her of our 70s midwestern childhood, which was a very snowy time and place. She even picked the area of the fabric, chosen for the ice skater and the child pulling a sled. The fabric has a half a dozen other scenes that can be pulled out - the little yellow house is one, and another features horses pulling a wagon full or riders. You can see more of my scenic barkcloth here.


Penguin & Fish said...

I just love that fabric. A nice little winter scene. Makes me want to go sledding. Cute blog. I'm glad I found it.

driftwood said...

love all your bags and change purses, looking forward to trying the tutorial.

JL said...

I am a bag girl. Love the fabric, and the turtorial is jus great. I will use it but not with the lovely fabric u got there.