Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There Must Be A Better Way...

After my trip to TDO for zippers yesterday I made another change purse (a belated birthday present for my horse-loving sister Sue). I was determined to come up with a simpler way to insert the lining. I applied the 2 lining pieces to the zipper underside BEFORE I applied the 2 purse pieces to the top of the zipper. Then leaving the zipper open I stitched it together and turned it through the hole. It worked fine except that I put my finger through the zipper when I turned the top right corner and had to work it back together and stitch over the corner. What do you think of being able to see the unfinished seams on the bottom and sides? I'm a little fanatical about unfinished seams, but the labor or applying the lining (especially many times over since I plan to sell them) in the traditional hand-sewn manner made me want to find another way. Now of course I am wondering if I should adjust my tutorial, or add another one, I am leaning toward adding another one.

Here you can see the unfinished seams.

Incidentally today is my last day free from employment. I start with a new company tomorrow (doing the same type of job I have done for about 10 years - textbook design). I am looking forward to going back to work - to the routine. I work from 9-3 which is pretty much perfect (having Friday off would be perfect... someday) I will be able to ride my bike to the train until the weather turns, then I will need to walk, which will take about 20 minutes.

I am going out with my girlfriends tonight - a nice way to celebrate the start of something new, and the end of a summer I will never forget.

UPDATE: My feedback from various sources has been pretty much universal distaste over having to see an unfinished seam!! I appreciate the feedback and ultimately tend to agree...

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joy said...

I'm reading this a day late - I hope you had a good day at work today!