Monday, May 26, 2008

Iron on Tuesday

Maybe this is a funny way to introduce my experience at the Constructor Craft Fair, but this embroidery was an important key to that event. Sitting behind a table covered with my goods, next to a rack full of my goods, is not my idea of a good time. Some people are very interested, but most take a glance and keep walking. I understand this impulse, it's the reason I don't like garage sales and prefer the anonymity of thrift shopping. Having something to DO behind that table is really important, and it gives the craft show attenders a chance to see me at my needle. Working on embroidery is most satisfying to me when I am doing something that involves passive waiting: riding in the car, commuting, waiting in the doctors office, and waiting for customers.

My customers (made up mostly of women with expendable income between 40-55 with a few young stylish women thrown in, and of course the occasional husband) don't seem to attend craft fairs. Don't get me wrong, I do remember all 3 women, and especially the one husband who bought aprons from me, but the best part about the this fair was the other crafters. I sat behind Hesper from Subversive Seamstress Designs. She makes really cute bags from thrifted fabric and teaches art at a local high school. I also enjoyed meeting Cara from SewBettie. She likes to embroider and enjoyed seeing my Derby Girl jean jacket.

I did best with the vintage textiles I threw in at the last minute. Items from my stash that I didn't think I would use: a beautiful linen table cloth I couldn't bring myself to repurpose (sold to a girl who came by 3 or 4 times before finally taking the plunge - so cute!), a couple of sets of napkins, and some embroidered table cloths. I sat those nearest to me, probably because I don't feel much personal attachment to them as I do my aprons.

My friends who came by were much appreciated. Hellin' Wheels, a friend from Derby Lite came by before practice. My friend Sue (the first person to buy my most popular apron, the full Caroline) came and stayed for an hour or so - she always livens things up. Kristina came by before her family came over to have dinner and hear some jazz. And my friend Julie with her husband Wade and their son Ben came by late in the day also. I also enjoyed meeting Nancy, a person I had never met who READS MY BLOG! (sorry, it's the first time that's ever happend!) Marc dropped me off, took the kids to see Indiana Jones (recommended) and picked me up, so he's very much appreciated of course. It's surprisingly tiring to sit in a chair all day, and after the beer I had at about 7pm (thanks Julie!), I was pretty much ready for bed as soon as I got home!

This is some fabulous barkcloth I got on ebay last week. About 12 yards in perfect condition. I see some full aprons out of this one - and maybe some curtains too, isn't it cute?? Thanks to Johanna for that one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Derby Dress

I made this dress last weekend from 2 large cotton sponsor t-shirts for Derby Lite. When we were recieving the shirts Hellin Wheels commented that Vivi Sewhot should be able to come up with a dress made from one of them. Hmmmm, good idea! Here are the pics I am putting together to submit to ReadyMade. I think it would make a great Do It Yourself for the mag.

It takes 2 sets of sleeves to make the skirt at the bottom, and the ric-rac is optional. You don't need a serger, just a machine with a zig-zag stitch. The nice hem at the bottom is the hem already present on the sleeve bottoms. I wore it to practice on Tuesday and it passed the functionality test. It stays in place and is very comfortable. I got a lot of nice comments, and a couple of requests from the D'Liters - that's what gave me the idea to present it to ReadyMade.