Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful Embroidered Letters

These are from the book in the following post - Handbook of Stitches. It was originally published in Copenhagen, and then translated and published in The US in 1970. Fabulous letterforms and exquisite stitching - so inspiring!

Embroidery for Lefties!

I got this fabulous book at the library and had an embroidery epiphany when I looked at the first page. There's a note about left-handers using a mirror to better see the stitches! Well that seemed a little awkward so I scanned in the pages, then flopped the drawings - voila - I think I might be able to learn these stitches now!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Piper's Diapers Done!

I am so excited about this bag! It's the second one I have made, and so much better than the first. I used a stiff interfacing so it has really nice body, and I love the little button tab. My son Leo took the picture of me at my machine working on the bag, I have wanted to blog about my fabulous Viking Husqvarna since I got it a last year. So pretty to look at, so easy to use, so many great decorative stitches, and it will sew through anything! I LOVE this machine!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Piper's Diapers

Sara doesn't know that I am adding Piper's name to the inside of the bag! Her name is Piper Rose - I got creative with her middle name.

My embroidery style is a little primative, but I am happy with it. I usually embroider letters with a chain stich - using a back stitch for the serifs and fine parts of the type. Hoping to finish the bag tonight, will add finished pics tomorrow. (striped yellow fabric is a vintage pillow case - now a pocket).

I am making a diaper bag for my friend Sara and her baby Piper. A perfect use for this scenic barkcloth. Only the outside pockets are the barkcloth so I have more for another project... hmmm... The striped fabric will be the lining.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Blueper, originally uploaded by Viteen.

This is the ugly doll that my 9 year old daughter Mae made. She drew the pattern, cut the fabric and did the embroidery - she also stuffed him and sewed him shut! (and named him!) I helped a little bit with some of the sewing. My son Leo (6) wants in on the action, so I hope to help him make one too.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Label Collection Extraordinaire

There are many theories about what sort of person made this collection and where they got all of the labels. Did they go through everyone's closet in their entire family and remove all of the labels? Perhaps they worked in a thrift store? I wish I knew...The labels date from about the 1940s, to the late 80s, or mid 90s. Everytime I page through it I see something I hadn't noticed before. From the sublime - Voila - to the ordinary - the Springmade sheet label, there is something for everyone in this wonderful collection that goes on for 59 pages.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Vintage Blouse

I just came across the New Vintage Wardrobe challenge at Bitter Betty's blog. This is my addition. The pattern is from my Aunt Loretta. I have made this blouse twice, once with vintage fabric (shown). I changed the sleeves (I used the 3/4 sleeves but simplified the cuff), and I added a button (the pattern called for 3, leaving my belly exposed!). I love the one piece collar, so easy to do - and so good looking.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nail Art Terrarium

This piece started out as a piece of discarded nail art. It would have hung on the wall vertically, and there would have been a little vase underneath the "flowers". I made an environment for a Fisher Price spaceman (or hazmat tech) and a fat little bee - they live in a world of rocks and flowers.