Saturday, April 14, 2007

Piper's Diapers

Sara doesn't know that I am adding Piper's name to the inside of the bag! Her name is Piper Rose - I got creative with her middle name.

My embroidery style is a little primative, but I am happy with it. I usually embroider letters with a chain stich - using a back stitch for the serifs and fine parts of the type. Hoping to finish the bag tonight, will add finished pics tomorrow. (striped yellow fabric is a vintage pillow case - now a pocket).

I am making a diaper bag for my friend Sara and her baby Piper. A perfect use for this scenic barkcloth. Only the outside pockets are the barkcloth so I have more for another project... hmmm... The striped fabric will be the lining.


Bitterbetty said...

wow. That is a mighty swanky tote for britches. Lucky Piper.

Mrs. MK said...

what a great bag! I love the play on the middle name!! You are so talented!!

Amber said...

ok, I have to take that back, I can do counted cross-stitch, but it's not the same. Not only are you talented, but creative too!

God Bless,