Thursday, April 12, 2007

Label Collection Extraordinaire

There are many theories about what sort of person made this collection and where they got all of the labels. Did they go through everyone's closet in their entire family and remove all of the labels? Perhaps they worked in a thrift store? I wish I knew...The labels date from about the 1940s, to the late 80s, or mid 90s. Everytime I page through it I see something I hadn't noticed before. From the sublime - Voila - to the ordinary - the Springmade sheet label, there is something for everyone in this wonderful collection that goes on for 59 pages.


lulu said...

amazing and cool. some people sure have surprising obsessions. where did you get that?

Kerry said...

My husband got it at our favorite thrift shop - bless his heart for realizing what a treasure it is!