Monday, March 24, 2008

Derby Lite Skating Apron

It was just a matter of time until 2 of my favorite things came together!

I found an image on flickr of a derby girl wearing an apron, showing off panty shorts with something printed on them. I'll have to have something PG on mine - possibly my derby name "Screamin' Mimi" or maybe S+M for short - wait a minute, that's not PG!!

I'm pretty pleased with the way the embroidery came out. I created the DL logo from the full logo designed by Coco Bang Bang - formerly of The Double Crossers (with the Windy City Rollers).

I'll be wearing the skating apron to practice tomorrow, so I'll be sure to have my picture taken wearing it in full derby gear!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring!

It's sunny this morning, and hang the weatherman who says we are getting 3-5 inches of snow tonight! I say spring is coming!

I'm updating my Apron Site today and I came across this wine cozy while looking for new images for the Custom section of the site. I created it for the same gal who received this apron for her wedding last June. Now that I think about it, the mini apron was a gift for the groom, who is a wine lover.

I'm on a break from freelancing right now, and enjoying the time off. Derby Lite is skating twice a week now, Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I don't think I have been this fit since I rowed crew in college (that's me 4th from the right). Click on the picture to see the full size image - and the exertion/fear in my face - I was probably thinking about "crabbing" - catching my oar in the water and getting whacked with it!

I hope it's feels like spring is coming where ever you are - snow tonight or not, it's coming soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Red Hen is Finished!

I finished "Little Red Hen" - the custom apron I have been working on. I'm really pleased with the way it came out. The time I put into it was more than I had planned on, but I enjoyed working on it and I did most of the embroidery on the train, which for some reason is more enjoyable - why is that? Maybe because it feels like free time. Another benefit is that embroidering on the train is very relaxing - a good thing since I'm on my way to and from work.

The four chicks on the apron stand for the 4 children of the woman who will be receiving the apron. I like the way the portraits of the animals came out. Here's where "google image search" really comes in handy! After I find good images I take them into illustrator and draw outlines - get them about the same size - then print them out onto cardstock and make stencils.

I had a couple of weeks to complete this apron (I got the commission at the same time I got the order for the PIE aprons) and I managed my time well. I like to do a little bit everyday - cut out all of the bodies, cut out all of the ties, make all of the pockets, etc. I never felt overwhelmed. With the Little Red Hen apron I embroidered the bib first (after I cut out the body), then moved on to the Hen pocket and chicks. I made them, pinned them down, and planned out the remainder of the embroidery. Once I finished that I sewed the hen and chicks in place, and finally constructed the apron. I'm looking forward to hearing from Molly, who commissioned the apron for her mom.

It looks like my freelance job might be ending for a while, so it's a good thing I got over to Sew Particular this week. I had an interesting meeting with the owner yesterday. I look forward to what might come of it...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

PIE Aprons Done!

I finished the aprons for PIE, the upscale pie shop in Chicago. Dara, one of the owners, contacted me after seeing the Daily Candy post in mid-January. The PIE folks want to have aprons to sell in the store, and possibly for the employees to wear as well. The black apron was my 3rd and most successful attempt. They really liked the blue and brown one below too - but we all felt the black one will sell better. The inspiration for the black apron came from a lunch bag I made for myself a few weeks ago. I made a simple square pillowcase bag, then made a tab closure - "wow! - that would make a cute apron detail!" I usually like buttons and tabs to actually function, but a functioning button tab on an apron would just be distracting, it's not like you really have anything in an apron pocket that's going to fall out!

This week I'll be seeing Vivian at Sew Particular in Oak Park about the possibility of them making some aprons for me. I'm so curious to talk to her, and see what she thinks of my aprons, and the possibility of having them made in her shop.

I made good progress on the "Little Red Hen" apron this week also. The embroidery work on that one is a little more time-intensive than I planned for, but I am excited about it - it's a fun project - and that makes the extra time worth it to me. Below is a shot of the embroidery on the bib. The red copy is easier to read than it appears here. The hen is asking for help with the wheat - below the animals (dog, cat, duck) will be saying NOT I! and the hen's chicks will be eating bread crumbs.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

In Progress

I got a custom order request from a gal named Molly. She wondered if I might be interested in making an apron that tells a story? Well yes I would! This is the story of the little red hen. She's trying to get some help with the wheat: who will help me plant the seeds? harvest? grind the wheat? bake the bread? All entreaties are met with a "Not I" from the duck, the cat, and the dog.

Who gets to eat the bread?? Only the hen and her 4 chicks (Molly and her siblings).

The hen will be a pocket, I think the remainder of the elements will be embroidered. The duck, cat, and dog are not concepted yet - but I think they will appear as little head shots in boxes opposite the hen. They will be saying "NOT I!" in unison.

This is a far cry from what I did yesterday - I was in a parade with my roller derby club "Derby Lite". Unfortunately I was a little busy yesterday (I met with the people at PIE to review the aprons I made for them in the morning) and just totally spaced my skates! I ended up walking with the group - which worked out nicely since I was able to get these fun photos! Also, TerminAda and I swapped her skates for my fat babies after the parade, and 5 of us skated back through the parade back to the staging area - so I got to skate after all!

The best banner in the parade! Poppy Z Fite, one of the Derby Liters made it. That's Dyna-Mo and TerminAda carrying it.