Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Plaid Hat Yet

I made this hat yesterday from a favorite garment - a homemade vest/cape I found at a thrift store in the children's jacket section - I'm sure they had no idea what it was! I still remember pulling it out and wondering "what the??" then quickly realizing it was homemade - my favorite kind of find.

I wore the vest/cape for 5 years, but this year it came out of storage with moth holes and I just couldn't wear it anymore.

I carefully started taking it apart because I thought I might make a pattern out of it so I could make one someday. I pretty soon realized that I really don't have the time (or the desire honestly) to try and remake this one. I wanted to quickly make a hat more than I wanted to carefully make a pattern. There was a pretty small amount of fabric and I cut the first 2 (of 6) crown sections on the straight grain, then I realized I would have to cut the rest on the bias but figured I could work them together well. I enjoy the challenge and the mystery of working with plaid - what will these pieces look like together? I ended up using the 2 straight grain pieces on the front sides. I also cut the brim and the band on the straight grain. I carefully pieced the band to the brim so that the plaid lines up pretty closely.

Here it is a couple of years ago.

I loved the drape of the back and the handmade fringe.

I wore it today and the first person I saw on the train this morning said "That's a really nice hat" - I like it when that happens!