Friday, April 25, 2008

Derby Girl and Pom's Farm

I finished the Derby Lite girl on the back of my jacket! I'm especially pleased with the way the skates came out. Someone asked me what I would charge to recreate her, but honestly I don't think I could do it - she is most likely a one-off.

I have been pretty busy making product for the Constructor Craft Fair May 25th. Below is "Pom's Farm" - an apron I started yesterday. The fabulous fabric was given to me by Pominatrix, (a D'Liter) I'm not sure she realized just how much I LOVE this kind of pictorial barkcloth - when I saw it hanging it her kitchen I gasped - then she told me that she wanted to give me the remainder in her stash - I think I counted a total of 12 panels! The fabric was manufactured as curtains (the original side seams remain in the apron) and is the perfect width for aprons. I won't be using all of the fabric for aprons, I will save some for wristlets - and maybe even for my kitchen.

I love the way the black side panels become the back of the apron. I'll be attaching black ties with red topstitching.

This is one of those fabrics that goes so nicely with my label - I love it when that happens!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Being between jobs leaves lots of time for embroidery - look how Viva (I've name her) is coming along! The face is a little funny, but at a distance it looks just fine, and I couldn't possibly get any more thread in that area - too bad that there is no erasing in embroidery!

The D'Liters have planned an outdoor skate for tomorrow morning, but alas, we are supposed to be getting snow flurries - arrgghh!! Haven't we suffered enough?? Apparently not! Please say a little warm weather prayer for us!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Derby Lite Girl - Work in Progress

I finally found the image that goes with the Derby Lite logo for my jean jacket. The Derby Lite girl was created by a D'liter named Valerie of the Dolls (thanks Valerie!). It's a pretty ambitious project as I am going to be filling it all in (see the pink stripe in the helmet for where I have started). I'm using a split stitch for the outline - (the same stitch that Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls uses on her stitchettes - I recently ordered one for my friend Julia). I'll use some satin stitch (for the sock stripes) and an uneven satin stitch for most of the rest of the areas. I really like the look of the split stitch for the black outline, it has just the right weight and presence.

Maybe I look like I'm trying to be 16 again wearing a jean jacket with an embroidered emblem on the back, but that's exactly what Derby Lite has made me feel like. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being on skates with purpose - our practices are hard work, but so much fun. Yesterday we played derby soccer, which is basically just skating around in a circle kicking small soft soccer balls to each other and trying not to fall down while doing it!

We have all come so far in our skills since November (when Derby Lite was born) - it's a wonderful thing to see! If you are in the area and would like to see us skate, we are throwing a skating party at Lombard Roller rink (in Lombard IL) Sunday May 4th from 4-6. The party is a benefit for the American Cancer Society's upcoming Walk & Roll. Derby Lite will be skating 10 miles in the Walk & Roll May 18th. Email me if you'd like more information about the skating party May 4th - it's going to be a blast!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art Institute Outing

April 2nd - Chicago Art Institute, originally uploaded by Viteen.

We made it to the Chicago Art Institute today! We went for the Edward Hopper - Winslow Homer show. The Hopper paintings are just dazzling. I had only seen Nighthawks in person, and to see so many today was fantastic. I'm afraid my museum stamina is not very strong, so after spending an hour looking at the Hopper works, I didn't have too much more energy for Homer. Marc had already been through the exhibit when he did a piece on the show for Chicago Tonight, the local program he works on (he's a producer, focusing on the arts), so he wasn't too disappointed. Francesca didn't seem to mind either. We did stop by and visit American Gothic before we left. We had it pretty much to ourselves - a very nice experience! Did you know that that painting helped bring ric-rac back into fashion? (it was ever out??) I know there are lot's of factoids about that painting, but that's one of my favorites!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Indians Yesterday and Today

Found this Bureau of Indian Affairs booklet here today. We were planning to see the Edward Hopper/Winslow Homer exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. We forgot that Tuesday is freeday - the line to get in was at least 45 people. We're going to try again tomorrow! I'm glad it worked out that way now, it was so nice to visit this shop, and it's owner. The design of this cover is pretty fascinating. The old with the new - the type at the bottom is what caught my eye. I'm also taken with the back cover - probably because of my most recent freelance job:
I was assisting a book cover designer - a really fun gig. I'm looking forward to doing more work like that in the future.

Hoping to post some images from our trip to the
Art Institute of Chicago tomorrow!