Friday, April 25, 2008

Derby Girl and Pom's Farm

I finished the Derby Lite girl on the back of my jacket! I'm especially pleased with the way the skates came out. Someone asked me what I would charge to recreate her, but honestly I don't think I could do it - she is most likely a one-off.

I have been pretty busy making product for the Constructor Craft Fair May 25th. Below is "Pom's Farm" - an apron I started yesterday. The fabulous fabric was given to me by Pominatrix, (a D'Liter) I'm not sure she realized just how much I LOVE this kind of pictorial barkcloth - when I saw it hanging it her kitchen I gasped - then she told me that she wanted to give me the remainder in her stash - I think I counted a total of 12 panels! The fabric was manufactured as curtains (the original side seams remain in the apron) and is the perfect width for aprons. I won't be using all of the fabric for aprons, I will save some for wristlets - and maybe even for my kitchen.

I love the way the black side panels become the back of the apron. I'll be attaching black ties with red topstitching.

This is one of those fabrics that goes so nicely with my label - I love it when that happens!


Anonymous said...

Derby girl is gorgeous. I've been checking in every so often to get a peek at the finished project. Turned out great!

Kerry said...

Thank you! I need to find something else fun to embroider - I really enjoyed it.

bacaorr said...

I agree with goosiegirls and have been waiting impatiently for the finished product. You do such wonderful work!!

Anonymous said...

Derby girl is fantastic! :)