Friday, April 10, 2009

Mae's Apron

I'm just a little bit embarrassed to admit that this is the first apron I have made for Mae. She has asked before, but always in a general way - and recently I named one after her - that kinda counts, right?? Not really.

Yesterday I was thinking that I really need a child's full apron in my line, and she walked up and said "mom, can you make an apron for me now?" What good timing! She picked out the fabric for the body, and today she designed a pocket:

Pocket detail.

Bib detail.

We had so much fun making this apron. She did a lot of the cutting, and turned the pocket. I showed her all of my apron making secrets as I was sewing. We also put the design in my pattern book. She didn't lose interest until the end, so I just finished it and presented it to her after lunch. She just loves it. I asked her if she will be getting it dirty and she said "of course mom, that's what an apron's for!" well amen to that!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Bleeding Heart Bakery and "The Chicas Project" Adventure

Yasmin and Crash on the set of "The Chicas Project".

I put some aprons at Bleeding Heart Bakery a few months ago. A few weeks later I got an inquiry from Tsahai, a producer of "The Chicas Project", she was interested in some aprons for Yasmin and Crash, the Chicas! (they were going to be shooting a segment of their reality show at the shop).

Callie Black pocket detail.

Tsahai finally decided on the Callie Black Full apron for Crash, and the Florence apron for Yasmin. She asked me if I could bring them to the shoot at the bakery. The shoot was today: I took the aprons she ordered, a handful of other styles, and a bag of goodies. The girls loved the aprons that I made for them - Tsahai chose well! Everyone at the shoot was really nice, and made a fuss over my aprons - thankfully I remembered to bring lots of PN business cards!

Yasmin's Florence Apron

I gave Tsahai and Michelle (the owner of the bakery) each a vintage hankie as a thank you for the opportunity. I also had a Callie Blue Child's Apron with me, and Michelle bought that one for her daughter who is almost 3. One of the producers asked me if I make anything else - (I could see the wheels turning in her head!) I told her I make bags and hats and said "I can make just about anything and I love a challenge - call me!"

I keep thinking about what a random and funny world we live in - Tsahai would never have seen my aprons if they hadn't been at the bakery, and my aprons would not have been at the bakery if I hadn't seen Michelle's post on craigslist for crafters to place items in her shop. It all worked out so nicely, and left me with the nicest feeling of fitting in to the random world, somewhere!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lovely Pillow from She's Sew Slye

Cat at She's Sew Slye is having a weekly giveaway and I was the lucky winner last week! She sent me this beautiful pillow made from a vintage crazy quilt square. I put it on our back porch, which I just cleaned for spring. The pillow has all my favorite colors: blue and brown, with a little red and gold - it's just lovely, thanks Cat!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nona Lou Apron

Just thrifted this fantastic vintage apron! It was manufactured by Nona Lou. 2 things give away it's status as manufactured: the tag obviously, but the other thing to look for is the perfect serger stitch - few home sewers had sergers.

I love the combination of colors, the print is amazing - check out the cats and the purple upside-down trees! The use of the black ric-rac is perfect. It's just terrific design overall.

This Nona Lou apron is gathered the same way I gather my waistband aprons - only at the hips with the center flat.