Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding Inspiration in Laura Ingalls Wilder

I just read "These Happy Golden Years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It tells the story of Laura's teen years, her first time teaching, and her courtship with Almanzo. There are so many passages in the book about sewing, and the many wonderful clothes that Laura made for herself. The descriptions are fantastic, and really make me want to go on a pilgrimage to the various Ingalls Wilder museums. I immediately followed with "The First Four Years", the story of her first years as a married woman. What a wonderful book. The manuscript was found with her papers after her death and wasn't published until 1971 (28 years after Those Happy Golden Years). How wonderful it must have been for the people who had read her books and thought they had read them all!

I think I have found the story for my next narrative quilt. It's just starting to form in my mind. I think I will focus on her life from 13-20. Beginning with the trip to the Shores of Silver Lake. I have some ideas for images to include - but no real plan yet. Just the thought that the story is interesting enough to me, and full of enough imagery to justify making a quilt from it - I'm excited by that alone!

Pa bought the sewing machine as a surprise for Ma (and all his girls).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mae's Busy Weekend

Mae made 3 softies from Therese Laskey's book Softies this weekend. She made the Treeling yesterday, and the Lonely Dollop and the Cross pin cushion today (I love her use of color on that one!) We highly recommend the book - the directions are clear, and the projects are super-cute. I searched the internet for wool felt and found Colonial Crafts - their 12x18 pieces 20% wool and 80% rayon, and are $1.25 a piece. Well worth it when you compare it to acrylic craft felt. Mae had cut out a couple of leaves from some craft felt and brought them over to me with a leaf cut from the wool felt and said "we can't use this - look how thin it is!" The colors are rich and they make softies with really nice body. I hope she makes the whale next!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Craft Sale Update

My first craft sale went pretty well. It was a long day, sitting there behind that table from 10-4 was a little more than I bargained for. Many thanks to my friends who stopped by, it made all the difference. Kerri, the first person to purchase "Cockadoodle" bought the 3 remaining wishing well change purses. The wristlets were a hit too - good thing I made 3 more on Saturday!

Afterward we went out to our favorite Italian Restuarant - Ambrogio's. It's in the 6700 block of Belmont in Chicago. Great food, a real family restaurant (with a bar), but cash only - you'll need to remember that if you go (there's a sign on the front door in case you forget!)

At the craft sale I decided there is enough interest to have an open house at my studio (our living room!) the Saturday before Thanksgiving - that was a good day for me last year. If you are in the area (email me for specifics), I hope you'll stop by - November 18th from 11-3.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Craft Sale Tomorrow!

I'm participating in the Oak Park Women's Exchange Art & Craft Fair at OPRF high school. The school is at 201 N. Scoville in Oak Park. I will have many new apron styles (including the one above, called "April" - thanks to Mae for the name!) I have a lot more full styles this year - including "Florence", which was designed for people who like to bake (and appreciate 70s kitchen textiles - check out that print!)

It has a small pocket, and a divided pocket on the body - with a slot for a spoon. I also have a mother daughter set of my skull apron Callie.

I have a Christmas apron this year - Noelle seemed like a good name for that one!

You can see more pictures on my flickr page. If you are in the area, I hope you'll stop by and see me at the Craft Fair at 201 N. Scoville in Oak Park tomorrow. It runs from 10-4, and there is a $3 entry fee - which I will take off your order if you mention this offer on my blog!