Saturday, November 3, 2007

Craft Sale Tomorrow!

I'm participating in the Oak Park Women's Exchange Art & Craft Fair at OPRF high school. The school is at 201 N. Scoville in Oak Park. I will have many new apron styles (including the one above, called "April" - thanks to Mae for the name!) I have a lot more full styles this year - including "Florence", which was designed for people who like to bake (and appreciate 70s kitchen textiles - check out that print!)

It has a small pocket, and a divided pocket on the body - with a slot for a spoon. I also have a mother daughter set of my skull apron Callie.

I have a Christmas apron this year - Noelle seemed like a good name for that one!

You can see more pictures on my flickr page. If you are in the area, I hope you'll stop by and see me at the Craft Fair at 201 N. Scoville in Oak Park tomorrow. It runs from 10-4, and there is a $3 entry fee - which I will take off your order if you mention this offer on my blog!


Blaize said...

Good luck at the sale. Your aprons look great. Maybe some people will recognize you from the article in the paper.

Kerry said...

Thanks Blaize!
It is kind of a small town - so many people have commented about the article - it's been really fun.

Lisa said...

Darn! I can't drive fast enough to get there from TN. but your aprons look great! Good luck at the sale and let us know how it goes!!