Monday, October 27, 2008

We Love to Mod Podge

Around our house, "mod podge" is a verb. We have mod podged all kinds of things. The pictures on this door come from a book called Moonlight in Duneland, a collection of posters from The South Shore Line. We had the book for a couple of years before inspiration struck. I do feel a little funny destroying books like this, but overall I think it's a good tradeoff - now we look at these prints every day!

These images come from a couple of women's magazines from 1967.

The images on the inside of the bathroom door came from a New York Times magazine supplement (Real Estate). Those are a great source for interesting images.

This is a vintage map/pictorial about the Grand Canyon.

My husband Marc did this one. He used old hand bills from an obscure movie called The Black Hand starring Gene Kelly. It reads One man against The Black Hand - the dreaded mafia band! - Sensational in his first great dramatic role. I'm not sure if he had any more. There's also the line Pack in Italian Patronage!

Someone asked me if we got copies of the hand bills - no, we didn't, we just used the originals.

No, I don't plan to mod podge the pool table! I just like to show it off. It's just opposite The Black Hand piece. It was my 40th birthday present to myself.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Closet Reveal

With Francesca coming to live with us next month, I've been working on consolidating Marc's closet with mine. As you can see in the "before" pic below, I had to move and get rid of a lot of clothing! I like the way this closet sharing has forced me to really think about what I actually wear. I moved some things down stairs, but mostly just got rid of a lot of stuff. It feels good!

I removed the door of the closet to make more room - what a difference! I then decided that a curtain would be perfect. Finally found a good use for this cute fabric.

I have had a lot of plaid in my wardrobe for years, this year I will actually be in style with it!

Marc favors vintage shirts. He has found most of them himself. The Hawaiian shirt was a great find - never been worn/washed. It looks great on him.

I figure the closet is a good place for my senior portrait - it's not something everyone needs to see!

Marc produced a piece about Dick Locher last year, Dick made him this cool illustration and I finally framed it.

I made a curtain out of some great green velvet. I was pretty embarrassed when I realized that some of my vintage pieces had sustained sun damage in the closet - doh!

Everyone loves the new closet, it even inspired Mae and Leo to clean their rooms and get rid of old stuff. We are still working on transforming Marc's den into Francesca's room - will post when there is progress!