Sunday, February 24, 2008

OK, Ready Now!

I just updated Practically Necessary tonight! I spent most of the weekend photographing the new aprons, and preparing the Illustrator files (that's how my site was created - with pages in Illustrator imported into Dreamweaver as jpegs. In Dreamweaver I just add all of the hotspots (links). Updating the site can be a little cumbersome, but I can do it myself, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

I really wanted to get the new Who's Counting apron on the index page - I was so focussed on getting it just right, that I failed to notice that two of the aprons on the home page have black pockets! A little design redundancy - still, I like all of those images for the homepage, so I'll leave it for now.

New Styles - Almost Ready!

This "calorie" fabric is a reproduction of a print I have on a vintage hankie - it's exactly the same, though the colors are a little different. Seemed like perfect apron fabric!

The original batch of Kitty-kitty aprons (there were 6) all sold. I think this black and white fabric does the trick for version 2. It's tricky to find a print that goes well with the ric-rac (not too big, not too small).

So many people have asked me if I have cherry fabric - I finally found one I really like! This one has such a pretty gray background with lemons, and lemony drinks - Perfect for summer entertaining! I embroidered cherries on the pockets–it's available without them too. I think I need to find a spot on the site to point out that I can embroider on almost any apron I offer. A few people have emailed and asked about embroidery on other styles - that's how the monograms on Barbara Ann and Libby came about.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Folks Dance

I have finally caught up with the orders I received from the Daily Candy post. We all recovered from the nasty virus that is going around, so I have had a little time to get some new aprons working. Part of the fun with each new apron is designing the page for the website. Each apron page is a little different, designed to highlight whatever is special about that style. I love the border on this gray fabric. I only have enough fabric to make two of these - I wish I had more so the page would have a longer life, but I love this apron so I want to get it out there!

Next on the agenda is to finish the aprons I am designing for a pie shop called PIE in downtown Chicago. They would like aprons to sell in the shop, and possibly aprons for the employees to wear. I have a couple of cute half aprons, but I still need to design a full apron for a man to wear. I went to Vogue fabric yesterday and found a beautiful butterscotch color cotton with a little heft to it - I think it will work nicely for that one. Will post those designs soon.