Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practically Necessary Master Pattern Book

I started putting my designs in this book soon after I started PN. At first I just put them in a notebook I used while creating the whole concept, but I soon realized that I needed a book for that purpose alone. It's just a nice quality sketch pad. I covered the cover with fabric and added one of my labels.

Like many of my aprons, the top two on this page are one-of-a-kinds (see the top one - "Twiggy" below). The bottom apron is Kristina, I have made her twice, and have enough fabric to make her 2 more times.

The hand-embroidered towel that became the pocket had been in my stash forever! I added the line "There's a place for us."

The blue apron on top is made from fabric given to me by the lovely graygoosie. It's modeled after one of my favorite full aprons (a thrift shop find). The middle model is my "Tart Cherries" apron. The bottom apron is the apron I made for Amy Dickinson, which truth be told I have not gotten to her yet. I think it's time to email her at the Tribune and see if I can get my message through!

A couple more one of a kinds, the bottom one "MP1971" is shown below.

This one features a vintage 1971 Vera linen calendar for the pockets. The recipients initials are MP. The fabric is a vintage tiny medallion print in greens and golds - all gone now!

I have put the instructions and patterns for all kinds of things in this book: the derby lite helmet panties, purses, change purses, and basket liners. I recently started a section for the Little House on the Prairie quilt too. It's nice to have everything so accessible when I want to repeat something, or just refer to the measurements for a particular size or style. I also enjoy just flipping through it and remembering the items I have made, it's like visiting old friends.


Kim Bates- owner said...

What a fab idea! Is it too late for me to start one??? What a document- it's a piece of history!!!!

Kerry said...

Thank you!

Of course it's not too late! Do it!

I actually enjoy making the simple little cutout representations of the aprons - and filling in the little details is fun too.

kristin said...

it makes for a wonderful journal too. such a great way reference your projects visually. you have inspired me!

i love how you incoorporate vintage linens into each apron...they are treasures.

Kerry said...

It is very useful, I refer to it daily when I am sewing.

Thank you Kristin!

Jen Hanson said...

do you have a pattern for helmet panties? Is it two panel or three panel?

Kerry said...

Hi Jen -
It's basically just a rounded rectangle about 19-20" inches long by about 15-16" wide. (I measured my helmet and added a couple of inches on each side) Round corners, then make a 1/2 hem, no need to be fancy about it, those knits don't unravel. Leave a space to insert the 1/4" elastic. They look like glorified shower caps! I also make a star for the jammer, and stripe for the pivot.