Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caroline Order in Progress

I'm working on my order of 5 Caroline's from Pam at Salad Girl. First I cut the fabric, which is where I realized I didn't have enough fabric to make all 5 of the aprons in the same manner. I had to improvise and make one of the aprons with a strip of fabric at the bottom. I think it looks really cute, I hope Pam thinks so!

I'm feeling very nostalgic about this fabric. It was the first fabric I bought a full bolt of (eventually I bought 3 of them), and Caroline has always been my most popular model. I decided I really had to have another one (the prototype is mine but I have made significant design improvements to it since then). I went through my scraps of Caroline fabric and pulled out 4 strips and sewed them together. I really liked the way the selvedge looked showing - not something I usually like.

In progress - the very last Caroline apron! The fabric was a closeout and it's not being manufactured anymore. I wrote the company (Print Concepts Inc.) to inquire about it, but I haven't heard back from them. Next on my list for Practically Necessary is to find the next "Caroline" fabric - pretty, dark, sturdy, and in a perfect world, vertically striped!


Blaize said...

Oh, it must be difficult to not have more of that fabric! Good luck with the search for a suitable replacement.

catherine said...

I have er, had, that same tablecloth in the pinks, but it had a darker overall tones, fushia, turquoise, etc. I made napkins out of it. :)