Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring Update Preview

Well it's only February 3rd and it's really cold in Chicago today, but I am thinking spring via some new apron styles! I love the way my label looks on the back of "Maryanne".

Maryanne - there will be 2 of these available, she was made from a tablecloth cut right down the middle!

I was working on a new pocket for Mae, when I noticed how perfectly it went with my sewing machine cover! I quickly put together an apron made from the same fabric and I just love the way it looks with the new Mae pocket. I will be able to make about 10 of this one - I call her "Jenny".

"Mae" with her updated pocket, also the pocket for "Jenny"

"Cocktail?" is a one of a kind. I have had the hand-embroidered cloth in my stash for so long (I added cocktail?). It will be part of Collection 2 on Practically Necessary very soon!

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