Monday, February 9, 2009

What a Weekend!

I took these pics of our garden house. It's so nice to have a dog to watch the baby, and I sure hope the hazmat guy was able to rid the house of all the asbestos!

A warm weekend in Chicago in February is such a gift! Marc worked in the garden and on the patio slate, Leo and I payed catch on the front sidewalk, and Mae walked home from the movies [she saw Coraline with a friend and loved it!]

Leo after some good "catch".

Marc got alot of prep work done in the garden. We are going to plant vegetables this year so he had to move a lot of rocks!

OMG it's supposed to be 60 tomorrow!!


Blaize said...

Great photos, great story. I like the hazmat guy. And Leo, of course.

What kinds of vegetables are you planning?

Anonymous said...

is it the model of coraline house?

Kerry said...

That would be cool! but no-it's a dollhouse designed like a 2 flat.