Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting to Know You...

Well I finally did turn around! It's a pretty easy to operate sewing machine (once I got past the fact that you have to unplug to foot control to use the bobbin winder!) Does anyone use the button rather than the foot petal? Am I old-fashioned??

My first project on the Brother Innov-is 40 - is a cover for her made with some great barkcloth I got on eBay recently (12 yards of it!) I figured it was a good place to start. Someone asked me yesterday if I have named my sewing machine - I have not, yet.

I also created a scissors pad/stitch palette as a way to get to know the machine (Pearl?). It's a good landing place and reminder that there should always be a pair by the machine, as well as a visual reminder of what the decorative and overcasting stitches look like.

Good news from the US Mail today! - a check from a wholesale client I had pretty much given up on finally arrived. I also received an inquiry from another shop (to open soon). It's all making me feel pretty good today - especially now that my hair is cut the way it should be! (critical to my sense of being right with the world!)

I'm wearing the apron that I made for myself last week. I have wanted to make a "shop" inspired apron - the kind you might see on a female gas station attendant. The 44 is for my birthday, but it might look like a lodge number or something like that. I wore it to see "Superior Donuts" at the Steppenwolf on Saturday. No one asked me about it, but I did overhear a woman say "well that's different"! I'll take that as a compliment, thank you!


Cat said...

You are not alone, I also tend to use the footpedal. I've been slowing making myself use the button instead, but it is hard - it goes against my grain.


Blaize said...

What would be the advantage of not using the foot pedal? Just out of wondering. I've never actually sewn on a very modern machine, so I don't know about this whole button thing.

Anyway, I am glad that you have started using the machine. I can't wait to see what you will do with it!