Monday, July 14, 2008

In Theory...

I bought some pants at the thrift shop last week. I kind of knew they wouldn't fit, but I just couldn't help myself. They were made by Theory, and of the most beautiful light blue cotton with a thin black pin stripe (cost? - $2 after the %33 discount!). They were too small, but I suddenly realized what a great hat that they would make. My most recent hat is also blue, but the Theory fabric is much nicer, and could go with dressier outfits.

There is something about making a hat that I just can't resist. Especially when I am repurposing something else: Will there be enough fabric? If there isn't, what can I do to "make it work"? It's fairly fool proof because I know I like the pattern - I'm not going to finish it and end up with something I can't wear. And while I'm doing it I'm kind of lost in thought - lost in the process. I'm not worrying about other things (unemployment, parents visiting, etc.) - I am only thinking about the hat, and how it will come out.

Once I am finished cutting out the fabric for the top, the brim, and the band, I have to think about the band lining. Black and white gingham seemed perfect for this one. Once the construction is finished, then it's time to pick out the ribbon band. Black and white polka dots? Perfect!


Melanie said... are very talented! I wish I could sew like that. If you were my neighbor I would steal some of you each day! By the way I just started checking your blog I came to it from another blog. Keep on creating luv.
God Bless, Melanie

Deb said...

My gosh, you are awesome!