Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To O With It!

After I finished Deanna I was feeling pretty jazzed. I posted images on flickr, I blogged, and then I went to the O magazine web site and looked for the place to contact the editors. I sent them a short note about my business, particularly about the Deanna apron and the custom apron concept I enjoy so much. I immediately recieved an automated "we received your email, thank you for your interest etc" message. The following week I received a non-automated email from the editors! They love my work, and encouraged me to send a sample to the style editor in New York! I had been having a particularly difficult week, finding my way back daytime employment continues to be a painful process. The timing of the email from the O editors couldn't have been better.

Now to choose a sample... which apron to send? I considered Kitty-kitty, and Cockadoodle, but finally decided to send Who's Counting. It has my signature faced pocket with ric-rac. Next was to think of something to embroider on it. I initially thought about the O logotype, but ultimately decided that was too obvious - they must get a lot of items with the O logo applied to them, even hand-embroidered I think it would miss the mark. It also wouldn't tell them anything about me, or Practically Necessary. Humor plays a big part in my work, so the piece of cake with the caption "Who's Counting?" felt perfect.

Next came crafting the press release/introduction letter. I wrote out the basic letter - covering the important points, then with the help of my brilliant editor/husband Marc we culled away all of the unnecessary words - such hard work! Marc even helps me pick out the images to include. He has very strong opinions about my work - it really helps in the editing process.

I mailed the package today and I feel great about it. The apron is my best work - and the letter of introduction says exactly what I want it to say. I can't ask much more than that of myself. Tomorrow it's back into the employment trenches - I still need a day job, and I hope to find one that can balance out my life. I'm starting to dream a little big about it and to picture it more clearly. I'm feeling more hopeful that I will find my place again in the employment universe!

On my way to the post office with a package for O!


Blaize said...

Excellent work, Kerry. Good luck with the "O" thing. I am glad that 1. You were inspired to do it, 2. You got good feedback, and 3. You enjoyed the process.

I hope your job search goes well, too.

Kerry said...

Thank you Blaize - I appreciate that.

Brooke and Mike said...

Good luck! I just found your blog and wanted to offer some words of encouragement. Your work is amazing and I am so impressed you went out and contacted O magazine. I hope it hits big for you.

Kerry said...

Thank you so much. I hope something hits soon - Patience is not my strong suit!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! :) that is so exciting!

We'll be saying..."I knew her when..."

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

How exciting! So happy for you.


bacaorr said...

How wonderful!