Monday, June 23, 2008

Jack Winter Vintage Pants

I love the label in my new vintage pants - so excellent. I knew they were too big when I bought them yesterday, but if you know how I feel about plaid pants, you know I had to get them anyway. They are constructed just like a pair of pants I made a few years ago, so I turned them inside out and placed the similar pants over them to get an idea of where I needed to alter. It was clear that I needed to separate the pant legs in the center (fortunately the zipper is on the side, hidden in the pocket). I resewed the inner thigh of each pant leg, and then put the 2 sides back together. It was then that I realized that the front pleats needed to be increased also, they werea little balloony in the front. Once I did that, they fit pretty well. And the way they go with my favorite Ship N' Shore top? I almost wonder if at some point these 2 items were worn together, possibly by a gal named

Fabulous embroidered pillowcase found at Unique yesterday.

Jack Winter pants paired with Ship N' Shore blouse, perfect for a summer day.

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Blaize said...

That tag makes all your work on these DOUBLE worth it.