Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Stuck

I'm having one of those days when I can't seem to move in the direction I need to be moving. My new sewing machine is right behind me and I need to turn around and introduce myself.

I packed up my beloved Viking yesterday. I wish I had the room to have both of them up and running, but I just don't. I looked at quite a few different machines and the Brother Innov-is 40 is the one I liked best. I finally found a computerized machine I like. I don't like number pads - it has a dial, which my analog brain seems to need. I don't have to remember any sequences, I just turn the dial to the stitch I need and I'm on my way (eventually!).

My Viking has some significant tension issues - it's fine when I'm doing simple sewing, but when it comes to applying pockets or anything with more thickness, the bottom stitching is not right. I did take it in for servicing, my sewing machine guy said that it's days were numbered. I finally came to terms with it last week, and purchased the machine yesterday. I'm going to take a page from She's So Slye and start out with something simple - an apron I started on the Viking - it will be a hybrid I guess!

I'm going to turn around now... (or very soon anyway).


Blaize said...

My mom has a similar Viking. I like that it's made by a company that also makes chainsaws. Who says sewing isn't hard core?

Good luck with your new machine. I hope your initial acquaintance blossoms into a sustained friendship.

Rosa said...

I definitely know how attached a sewist can be with a trusted sewing machine. I just gave my first machine, a Singer, to my mother after using it for 20 years. It was hard to part with it, but I didn't want to move it for the 15th time, and I figured I didn't have the space for it. The Brother is very lovely. I think you two will create spectacular things together. Enjoy!