Thursday, January 1, 2009


This shot was taken just before Christmas - looks like an avalanche struck! Actually, this is a dollhouse in our backyard. This is the second dollhouse we have put in the backyard. You can see the first one here.

This dollhouse is a two-flat corner building. I don't think it was made from a kit. It was found at a yard sale by our friend Paul who has found much of our best art. It sat in the basement for 5 years and we decided to put it out in the yard just recently. It's a fun object to photograph. I'll shoot it in all seasons and document it's deterioration. I kind of wish we had a place for it in the house, but since we don't (and no one else ever asked for it) putting it in the yard and making an art project out of it seems like the best option.

Interior shot.

Update to my last post about the "Make it Simple" aprons: I finished the last 4 on Christmas day and sent them out the next day. I wanted to get them out before Christmas, but how I thought I could manage that I don't know!

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