Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Red Hen, Amy's Apron, and 5 Caroline Half Aprons - Yesterday Was a Big Day!

Wow! Yesterday I finished the first of 2 Little Red Hen aprons, I got a mailing address for advice columnist Amy Dickinson at the Trib so I can finally get her apron to her! I also got an order for the last 5 Caroline half aprons (that fabric is no longer available - arrgg!) from Pam at Saladgirl Dressings.

Folded and ready to go. All of my custom orders get a vintage hankie in the pocket. I have to make a Little Red Hen for myself, primarily as a record and a showcase for my work. I hate to admit it but I could never wipe my hands on this one!

WHO WILL? Now in a serif font done in a chain stitch.

Those cheeky animals! This time I did the NOT I in a split stitch, my new favorite stitch for lettering.

Inner bib. I love this little vintage button. I'm also very happy with the buttonhole feature on my Brother - it makes such neat and perfect little buttonholes!

Caroline is now out of stock! This was one of my very first aprons, and was always my most popular model. I have to get to my favorite wholesale fabric warehouse and see if I can find something as pretty, durable, and stain hiding as this beautiful fabric... wish me luck!


EllynAnne said...

Dear Kerry, While I should be thinking on dinner, I decided to visit the web instead, and what a good choice. I've found you! We share a love of fabric, design, vintage and fantasy. I feel a friendship in the offing.

Tie One apron, of course!

Kerry said...

Thanks EllynAnne - I'm glad I was able to keep you from your domestic duties for a few minutes!

I know you (from your apron books) but I'm curious - how did you find me?

Your new apron friend -