Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Red Hen Redux

Recently a gal in Arizona named Phyllis emailed an inquiry about ordering 2 Little Red Hen aprons. Probably 95% of people who contact me inquiring about something never actually order anything so I figured when I responded with a price and other details that would be the end of it. Well Phyllis did respond and really did want two Little Red Hen aprons - I had to get to work!

Little Red Hen was a custom order and I never thought I'd need to make it again, (it's not on my apron website, Phyllis must have seen it here on my blog) but I kept all of the stencils as I do with everything I make. I made a few improvements on the original, namely making WHO WILL HELP? on the bib and WHO WILL? spoken by the hen a sans serif font for better readability. I also made this type just a shade lighter for better contrast on the blue. Both subtle differences but definite improvements on the overall product.

Phyllis needs one of the aprons by next Tuesday, so I need to get this one in the mail on Wednesday. I made good progress today and I won't have any problem finishing on time.

Progress as of Monday evening on Little Red Hen #2.

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Blaize said...

Who will, indeed?