Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art Institute Outing

April 2nd - Chicago Art Institute, originally uploaded by Viteen.

We made it to the Chicago Art Institute today! We went for the Edward Hopper - Winslow Homer show. The Hopper paintings are just dazzling. I had only seen Nighthawks in person, and to see so many today was fantastic. I'm afraid my museum stamina is not very strong, so after spending an hour looking at the Hopper works, I didn't have too much more energy for Homer. Marc had already been through the exhibit when he did a piece on the show for Chicago Tonight, the local program he works on (he's a producer, focusing on the arts), so he wasn't too disappointed. Francesca didn't seem to mind either. We did stop by and visit American Gothic before we left. We had it pretty much to ourselves - a very nice experience! Did you know that that painting helped bring ric-rac back into fashion? (it was ever out??) I know there are lot's of factoids about that painting, but that's one of my favorites!


Blaize said...

I have only been to the Art Institute once, but I would love to go back. I know what you mean by museum stamina. Mine is still pretty high, but only because I am fairly "sparse" in my viewing of each room. P.S. Yay for ric-rac.s

Kerry said...

You know that's how I like to be too (sparse), but I always feel a little like I'm cheating. I don't give a lot of attention to something that from at a short distance doesn't really move me. Of course with the Hopper work, there weren't many duds! WOW - What a beautiful body of work.