Monday, April 7, 2008

Derby Lite Girl - Work in Progress

I finally found the image that goes with the Derby Lite logo for my jean jacket. The Derby Lite girl was created by a D'liter named Valerie of the Dolls (thanks Valerie!). It's a pretty ambitious project as I am going to be filling it all in (see the pink stripe in the helmet for where I have started). I'm using a split stitch for the outline - (the same stitch that Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls uses on her stitchettes - I recently ordered one for my friend Julia). I'll use some satin stitch (for the sock stripes) and an uneven satin stitch for most of the rest of the areas. I really like the look of the split stitch for the black outline, it has just the right weight and presence.

Maybe I look like I'm trying to be 16 again wearing a jean jacket with an embroidered emblem on the back, but that's exactly what Derby Lite has made me feel like. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being on skates with purpose - our practices are hard work, but so much fun. Yesterday we played derby soccer, which is basically just skating around in a circle kicking small soft soccer balls to each other and trying not to fall down while doing it!

We have all come so far in our skills since November (when Derby Lite was born) - it's a wonderful thing to see! If you are in the area and would like to see us skate, we are throwing a skating party at Lombard Roller rink (in Lombard IL) Sunday May 4th from 4-6. The party is a benefit for the American Cancer Society's upcoming Walk & Roll. Derby Lite will be skating 10 miles in the Walk & Roll May 18th. Email me if you'd like more information about the skating party May 4th - it's going to be a blast!


Anonymous said...

I think it's cool - all of it - that you've found something you enjoy so much, and you're incorporating it into the rest of your life, it's a neat thing. :)

Blaize said...

I think that, since you are NOT 16, wearing a denim jacket with an embroidered logo on it is going to make you look unbelievably tough. Yay!