Monday, March 24, 2008

Derby Lite Skating Apron

It was just a matter of time until 2 of my favorite things came together!

I found an image on flickr of a derby girl wearing an apron, showing off panty shorts with something printed on them. I'll have to have something PG on mine - possibly my derby name "Screamin' Mimi" or maybe S+M for short - wait a minute, that's not PG!!

I'm pretty pleased with the way the embroidery came out. I created the DL logo from the full logo designed by Coco Bang Bang - formerly of The Double Crossers (with the Windy City Rollers).

I'll be wearing the skating apron to practice tomorrow, so I'll be sure to have my picture taken wearing it in full derby gear!


Anonymous said...

oh yea, that's fabulous, I can't wait to see your photos showing it off! :)

I love it when favorite things converge!

Blaize said...

Now THAT is great!

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies! I'll be sure to report on how it functions at practice - that's the true test.

Elizabeth said...

Very cute. Excellent embroidery.

elliebelle said...

Your embroidery is perfect! Great job!

Kerry said...

Thanks elizabeth and elliebelle - I used the 3 stitches I know really well - backstitch, stem, and chain stitch. I took 2 orders for this apron at practice tuesday night - I'm working on them today!