Sunday, March 2, 2008

In Progress

I got a custom order request from a gal named Molly. She wondered if I might be interested in making an apron that tells a story? Well yes I would! This is the story of the little red hen. She's trying to get some help with the wheat: who will help me plant the seeds? harvest? grind the wheat? bake the bread? All entreaties are met with a "Not I" from the duck, the cat, and the dog.

Who gets to eat the bread?? Only the hen and her 4 chicks (Molly and her siblings).

The hen will be a pocket, I think the remainder of the elements will be embroidered. The duck, cat, and dog are not concepted yet - but I think they will appear as little head shots in boxes opposite the hen. They will be saying "NOT I!" in unison.

This is a far cry from what I did yesterday - I was in a parade with my roller derby club "Derby Lite". Unfortunately I was a little busy yesterday (I met with the people at PIE to review the aprons I made for them in the morning) and just totally spaced my skates! I ended up walking with the group - which worked out nicely since I was able to get these fun photos! Also, TerminAda and I swapped her skates for my fat babies after the parade, and 5 of us skated back through the parade back to the staging area - so I got to skate after all!

The best banner in the parade! Poppy Z Fite, one of the Derby Liters made it. That's Dyna-Mo and TerminAda carrying it.


Blaize said...

I love the brilliant combination of custom aprons and roller derby. The story idea for the apron is great, and I will love to see the finished product. Especially if you model it while on skates!

Kerry said...

Thanks Blaize~both things are really important in my life right now. I'm making progress on the Red Hen apron this afternoon - will post more images soon.

I like the modeling on skates idea - I might just do that!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the next stage of progress on the apron...very very cool! :)

parades with snow still on the ground...! only in the Midwest! ;)

bacaorr said...

What a great idea for the apron and I know you'll do a fabulous job as usual! I can't wait to see the end result.

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies - I have been embroidering on my commute and will have some progress pics to post soon!