Sunday, March 9, 2008

PIE Aprons Done!

I finished the aprons for PIE, the upscale pie shop in Chicago. Dara, one of the owners, contacted me after seeing the Daily Candy post in mid-January. The PIE folks want to have aprons to sell in the store, and possibly for the employees to wear as well. The black apron was my 3rd and most successful attempt. They really liked the blue and brown one below too - but we all felt the black one will sell better. The inspiration for the black apron came from a lunch bag I made for myself a few weeks ago. I made a simple square pillowcase bag, then made a tab closure - "wow! - that would make a cute apron detail!" I usually like buttons and tabs to actually function, but a functioning button tab on an apron would just be distracting, it's not like you really have anything in an apron pocket that's going to fall out!

This week I'll be seeing Vivian at Sew Particular in Oak Park about the possibility of them making some aprons for me. I'm so curious to talk to her, and see what she thinks of my aprons, and the possibility of having them made in her shop.

I made good progress on the "Little Red Hen" apron this week also. The embroidery work on that one is a little more time-intensive than I planned for, but I am excited about it - it's a fun project - and that makes the extra time worth it to me. Below is a shot of the embroidery on the bib. The red copy is easier to read than it appears here. The hen is asking for help with the wheat - below the animals (dog, cat, duck) will be saying NOT I! and the hen's chicks will be eating bread crumbs.


Blaize said...

The aprons look great. I hope they do have their workers wear them. Also, the embroidery for the hen apron is stellar. I will help bake the bread! Really, I will!

Kerry said...

Thanks Blaize!
I've got some more embroidery to do yet (the cat, dog, and duck) and I will post again soon (I have to send "The Red Hen" out this week!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the black apron! It's perfect! :)