Monday, September 10, 2007

Emily Likes Her Boots

Emily returned to me via the postal service on Friday. I'm so happy to have her back! She is showing you the boots I made for her while she was gone.

I had to freshen up her face. When I made her I used the transfer that came with the pattern, and added to it with prismacolor pencils. It had worn off considerably so I just redrew it. She is the perfect doll, homemade, soft and pretty - but not so fancy that she needs to just sit on a shelf. She sits on my bedside table next to Raggedy Ann.

This is Emily's favorite quilt. I made this in the b.c. days when I had time to hand piece as well as hand quilt. I really like making doll quilts - they suit my love of making something and moving on to the next thing - boy I love to start new projects!


ninajeanette said...

I love ur emily; how did you make her; where did you buy her set? i d love to make one of these(or several,lol)

Kerry said...

Thank you! I did make her, she's a Vogue pattern doll. I made the clothes too, I think they were also from a Vogue pattern. I thought I made her for my daughter but was relieved when she didn't really care about her since I really made her for me!