Friday, September 7, 2007

Habitrail Home for a Hamster Named Cinnamon

Mae finally got her hamster this week, which she named Cinnamon. After a brief escape from a hand-me-down cage, it was back to the petstore for the habitrail. I never had a hamster, but I always thought those cages were so cool! We also got the "transport unit". They both look like they were designed by Apple - so they fit right in our house. Mae is really excited about Cinnamon. Leo is only a little envious, but really seems to understand that a hamster is for a kid who is almost 10 - and that's more than 2 years away for him. We aren't supposed to handle her for a few more days, they need to get comfortable in their new surroundings first. But Mae has put the exercise ball in the cage, and then closed it up after Cinnamon climbs in - then she's off and rolling around the house!

It's been a really good week. I made a few more purses - this time from the black scenic fabric I have in my stash. A recruiter I met with early in the summer ordered an apron for her cousin's wedding shower, and I found a freelance gig that starts in a couple of weeks. I also got a much needed haircut, and I figured out how to do a bunch of things that are making my business (and my life) go so much more smoothly - hurray for progress! (I'd tell you what they are, but then you'd know what a bubble head I can be!)

This purse and a few others are in my etsy shop.


Blaize said...

You MUST tell me the things that are making your life go more smoothly, because I, too, am a bubblehead, and I could use the help.

Also, in re: the habitrail, you should check out the Naked Mole Rat camera at the National Zoo (scroll down a bit to see the camera). The camera is situated at the junction of 4 habitrail tubes, and sometimes the mole rats are just sleeping, but sometimes they are doing other things, like endlessly cleaning the area. They are the only eusocial mammal, so their community is like a bee hive or an ant hill. Very strange and interesting.

Kerry said...

DUMB STUFF LIKE... - I didn't know how easy it is to print out a mailing label (from paypal no less) I thought you had to hand a package to a mailperson at the post office - but that's only if you are using stamps AND your package is over 13 oz. I didn't know that all you needed was an email address to pay someone on paypal - doh! My friend Amber helped me out with that one. Also, our garage door came off the track, and it took us days to figure out that THERE ARE WHOLE COMPANIES THAT DO THAT KIND OF THING... I need a personal assistant!!!!!

I will definitely check out the naked Mole Rat Camera - thanks for the link!

kneek said...

I tried following the link to your etsy shop, but it appears the link is nested within the http://, luckily I read html and I really wanted to get to your shop so I prevailed. Way to go on smoothing out the process part of your life. I'm still working on mine.

Blaize said...

Those problems seem pretty normal to me, Kerry. Sometimes it takes me YEARS to figure out the most basic things. On the other hand, my vocabulary is stellar. So I've got that going for me. The boyfriend and Sylvia and I were playing a game called "What words does Blaize know that we don't." I was concentrating on words beginning with "p" and had them stumped with, um, let me think: pecuniary, perspicacious, penury, panegyric, and some other ones I forget. It's annoying, because I actually tend to USE words like this when talking. And I'm not even TRYING to be a snob; it's just natural for me to be one, I guess.

lulu said...

I love the bag's button! really cute.

Anonymous said...

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