Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Fun!

Mindy, one of my flickr friends, made this adorable change purse using my tutorial. I love that she used a metal zipper, and how adorable is that ticking fabric?

I have become pretty dependent on the support and inspiration I find at flickr. The internet is full of blogs and sites that celebrate snarkiness - I love that the flickr groups that I am a part of are celebrate kindness and a simple desire to share each others lives through our images. When I found "New Vintage Wardrobe" - a group of people who sew clothing from vintage patterns, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I knew there must have been other people who liked to do that, but to be able to see their creations and share in their success is so much fun! "Aprons In Public" (now called Apron Outfits) inspired me to go out in public like this. Even the fashion celebration of "Wardrobe Remix" has a policy of "say something nice or move on".

Need more kindness in your life? get to flickr and feel the love!


Blaize said...

We love you, too, you know.

Kerry said...

awww - thanks Blaize!

treasureup said...

Thanks for using my pic, Kerry! Flickr really is a great community of friendship. I've enjoyed getting to know you !

joy said...

I feel the same about flickr. It's all about sharing the love for me. If those groups weren't so positive, I wouldn't participate.