Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unfinished Business #1

I started this quilt about 3 years ago for a friend who was having trouble getting pregnant. I thought of her while I was working on it - wished for her to conceive. I felt it was my way of creating positive energy toward her getting pregnant.

That's the layout I created in Illustrator. I wanted the squares to be a little larger than the pattern I had, and I designed my own color scheme. (I checked them off when I finished them, but somehow I don't seem to have them all - I was probably getting ahead of myself!)

Somehow I lost interest in it. How does that happen? Other projects called my name (namely Practically Necessary at that point). Well I am happy to say that my friend did finally get pregnant, and last December had the most adorable baby girl they named Piper Rose. (You can see the diaper bag I made for her here. Well this quilt is calling my name (from it's box in the basement) so I thought if I brought it up and layed it out I might feel inspired to work on it. As soon as I pressed the squares I felt that love of piecing, of pretty prints coming together - so hopefully I can get back to work on it and present it as a present for Piper's first birthday.

On the bottom left are 2 squares that I made that no longer fit into the color scheme (I kept adjusting it, even after I started working on it) and the pieces for the remaining squares. All I have to do is put them together - piece the blocks together and... oh there's still a lot of work to do! How to stay motivated??!!


lulu said...

that looks amazing! and very labor-intensive. how about the Seinfeld chain? http://lifehacker.com/software/motivation/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret-281626.php

Kerry said...

Thanks LuLu - I just checked that out and it's a great idea.