Monday, August 6, 2007

Caroline Full

I just finished up an order for Michelle in New York State–the Caroline Full apron. This is one of my earliest designs. This striped green fabric is just terrific. My friend Sue has one of these, and she says it's a great Christmas apron that you can wear year-around. I wanted to show the inner bib, and how it looks with the little daisy button. Incidentally, the Caroline half apron is one of my day to day favorites, I love the feel of the fabric, and it looks clean much longer than it really is!


Blaize said...

Ah, yes. The Magic of Apparently Infinite Cleanliness. ALL of my favorite clothes OUGHT to have that magic, but not all do. :(

The apron is really nice, and the adjustable strap makes it supercool.

Funky Finds said...

just found you thru flickr...great stuff!