Thursday, August 16, 2007

Johnny Appleseed Purse

I was out with the girls last night and my friend Robyn was admiring my purse (see below). However, she said she would like to see the label on the inside instead of the outside. So today I dug up this image of Johnny Appleseed. It does depend on the bag. If the label can become an interesting part of the design, I place it on the outside. With the Johnny Appleseed the picture is so complete and lovely that I didn't want to distract from that. Please comment if you have an opinion about label placement: inside or out? (I have enough fabric to make one more Johnny bag. I can customize the inside with whatever little pockets you like. Send me and email and I can give you more info on this bag.) UPDATE - I sold this second Johnny Appleseed to one of my flickr friends - I'm so excited to make it for someone I know!


lulu said...

I like your label, so I vote for somewhere on the outside, but maybe not in the picture. how about sticking out of a side seam? or stitched to the strap?

Kerry said...

It can't come out of a side seam because it's only finished on one side.. but the strap might work... I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

Amber said...

You are teasing me-LOL! I LOVE THIS!!! Wow!!! I'm a Jonny Appleseed fan too, my DC are always singing, "The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord...."

Yeah, you could just put your logo inside top center. Definitely at the TOP!


God Bless,

joy said...

I like the label both ways,inside and out. I think your judgment has been good regarding placement, so I think just continue to see what each bag says to you.

Claire Louise Milne said...

I ADORE the rainy day bag. I really liked the label on the outside because your labels are so nice. I agree about your reasoning for putting the label inside for the johnny appleseed one though.
Are you going to make another one of the rainy day (farm) bags?

Kerry said...

Thanks Claire~ I just emailed you about the bag you asked about. I don't have any more of that particular part of the fabric, but I will be posting a couple in my etsy shop soon that come from that same fabric.

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