Friday, August 17, 2007

Pretty Party Dress

Pretty Party Dress, originally uploaded by Viteen.

Isn't this just lovely? I know I'll never make this dress and I hate for it to just sit in a box. This pattern and my sale yesterday of the Johnny Appleseed to my friend on Flickr finally got me motivated to open an Etsy shop. I really have to be clubbed over the head before initiating something new in "technology" . Now that I've done it of course I'm thinking "Well THAT was EASY!" Right now I just have a few patterns there, but I think I'll also put some bags and hats up soon.


Blaize said...

Good for you! I think Etsy is pretty well-executed, overall.

Katie said...

That is a very pretty dress. Sigh...I used to be able to wear that style.

Amber said...

YIKES!!! That means DH better hide the credit cards;)

0:) Amber

joy said...

I faved your shop - welcome!