Monday, July 13, 2009

Aunt Loretta's Dress - 1952

My Late Aunt Loretta gave me most of her patterns a few years ago, but she held onto a couple and her daughter Diane sent them on to me last week (thanks Diane!). I really want to make this dress. I made a dress very similar to this a few years ago, but I used a woven cotton that had some lycra in it and it never laid right. It would creep up in a most inappropriate way! I was so disappointed because I spent so much time on it, and it looked so pretty (until I started to walk!). This was a lesson to me about how important fabric choice is, and to stay within the bounds of the fabrics that are suggested (and were available at the time!).

Loretta and I are not the same size so I will need to adjust the pattern, (old patterns came in 1 size per package, most patterns now have 3 sizes in one so it's easier to see where adjustments need to be made). Since it's a wrap around type dress and there are gathers at the bust, it should be pretty easy to adjust. I am picturing a dark blue print, and would like to make it with the contrasting back as shown in figure 2.

I have a lot of projects on the docket right now: I am finishing up a t-shirt quilt for a friend, I have some apron orders, and I just got a hat order this morning - but I hope to fit this one in soon!


QueenBeeBakingCompany said...

This is a lovely dress and it will be beautiful, but the illustrator may have taken artful liberties with the waist size!

Kerry said...

Absolutely - So many of the patterns from the 40s and 50s did that!