Monday, March 9, 2009

Textile Wash Day, and some FUN NEWS!

Aprons and other kitchen textiles fresh from the dryer and ready for pressing.

I wash my kitchen textiles (aprons, kitchen towels) about once a month. To avoid all of the ties getting tangled up with each other, each apron gets it's ties done in a slip knot. I dry the aprons and towels together for about 25 minutes, taking them out of the dryer when they are still just a little bit damp - this makes pressing go much faster. Some of the aprons can be just hand pressed, but I iron all of the ties. I just can't wear an apron with folded, wrinkled ties.

I store my textiles in two orange crates next to the fridge. The aprons have their own shelf, and there's a spot for the cloth napkins and kitchen towels.


I sent Gabrielle at designmom a link to the spring update for Practically Necessary last week. She wrote a post about it, and Sunday I received my first order from someone who saw the post - Thanks Gabrielle!


catherine said...

:) that's so cool! congrats on your fun news!

Kerry said...

thanks Cat!

Blaize said...

Congratulations on your news. Seeing all your aprons all clean and stacked up made me rummage around under my bed and find my "needs to be washed" stash. I'll have to clean and fold and photograph them now!

Trina aka Doll said...

I have assiduously avoided my iron for a very long time (although I have one that works well). How long does your "pressing" take?

maemo said...

I get all my pressing done in about 20 minutes. The secret is that everything be not quite dry.

Kerry said...

oops - mae has a blog now so I have to be more careful when I sign on!