Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terry Cloth Kismet

For my first order from my apron update last week Janice M. ordered the Irene, and Genevieve aprons. I also included a vintage apron with her order (after finding out whether she preferred a half or full practical, or a half fun/sexy. She went with a half practical). I went through my stash and picked out the apron I thought she would like (kicking myself for not taking a picture of it!). It was a full gathered/waistband apron made from and unusual crest fabric. It turns out that the crest looked a little like her family crest - a very nice coincidence, or as I told her, further proof that I have a spooky sixth sense when it comes to matching the textile to the person!

Janice also asked if I had any terrycloth aprons, which I don't. Vintage terrycloth aprons are usually made from hand towels and were popular in the 60s and 70s. I have never found a really nice one still in good condition. I think the terrycloth apron was usually used for the really dirty work, and terrycloth doesn't age as well as woven cotton. After getting Janice's email my daughter and I went out to do some thrift shopping, and what should I find but a lovely terrycloth apron with a wonderful rooster on the front in beautiful gently-used condition!* Put something out in the universe, and someone just might find it and pick it up!

*it's not made from a handtowel, and looks like it was made from a kit.


Deb said...

When I saw this picture I had a totally deja vu moment. My mom decked out our kitchen in roosters - our everyday dinner plates had roosters smack dab in the middle of them and I remember this apron. How funny!

Julia said...

I saw you have some new aprons on your site and they look lovely! And why is it I alway feel like my apron should really be made from terry cloth...maybe because I always reach to use it as a towel... I just wanted to stop in and see what is brewing in PN world! :)

Kerry said...

Thank you Julia!

I like the drape of woven cotton better than terry, and the fact that it dries quicker too. But the tactile experience of terrycloth cannot be beat, I have to agree - there's just something so satisfying about it!