Friday, June 12, 2009

Plaid Hat, Formerly a Pair of Long Shorts

Last year I thrifted a pair of vintage plaid petal pushers that were too big. I reworked them, blogged about it, then put them in the closet. This year I pulled them out and put them on - ugh. They just didn't look very good (and my husband laughed at them!). What to do?? Make a hat out of them! I love the challenge of working with plaid, and of transforming one thing into another. I used the inside of the fabric as pants as the outside of the fabric hat - the black was not so faded.

I didn't have enough fabric for the inside brim and the 2 bands (the pieces that connect the brim to the body of the hat) so I used some of the plaid from my last hat project. I also had to carefully piece 2 pieces together to form the outer hat band - look closely at the front and you can see where they meet. I used a small gingham for the lining.

Overall I am really happy with this one. I'm not thrilled about the way it looks on me - and that's the thing about making a hat - you really don't know what the hat is going to look like on until it's finished, so you'd better enjoy the process of making it (which I do, obviously!)


Claire Louise Milne said...

Love the colours and it's so nicely made. I think it look great!

charlie said...

By the way, the hat is just adorable and so are you.