Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nona Lou Apron

Just thrifted this fantastic vintage apron! It was manufactured by Nona Lou. 2 things give away it's status as manufactured: the tag obviously, but the other thing to look for is the perfect serger stitch - few home sewers had sergers.

I love the combination of colors, the print is amazing - check out the cats and the purple upside-down trees! The use of the black ric-rac is perfect. It's just terrific design overall.

This Nona Lou apron is gathered the same way I gather my waistband aprons - only at the hips with the center flat.


julie (jane's apron) said...

This is seriously the cutest apron I've ever seen. I LOVE the print (have a sweet black cat in our family and can never resist a cute cat image). My Nona Lou apron is the only vintage apron I have that isn't handmade.

Blaize said...

So beautiful. Love the colors!