Monday, August 25, 2008

A Rose for Sarah

My cousin Rose ordered my last "Rose" apron for her friend Sarah who lives in Florida. My mom ordered the original "Rose" apron for Rose! I like to include a hankie in the pocket, which I refer to as "The Forgotten Textile". When it's a match like this one, I'm so pleased. I got a good stash of nice hankies at the thrift recently, so I'm pretty well set to include them in orders for the next few months.

Once the apron is neatly folded I wrap it in 2 pieces of tissue paper and tie it with ribbon. I usually include a Practically Necessary thank you note, but when the apron is a gift that I am sending directly I include a nice note with info about the apron and of course who it was sent by.

One of the details I wondered about when I started PN was the shipping. Did you know that the USPS will send you boxes for free? I order them in sets of 10-25. I use the 9 x 6.5 x 2 size boxes most often. I also print my labels out at home. I print them on paper and use spray glue to attach them, sticker paper is too expensive. When items are paid for on my paypal account it's especially easy, all of the address info is automatically in place and the payment for the shipping comes out of my paypal account.

I'll be sending Sarah's apron out tomorrow, in time for her birthday on August 31st. Happy birthday Sarah, and thank you Rose!

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