Friday, August 8, 2008

August Blog Catch-Up

I have felt truly "on vacation" for most of this summer. Especially since I found out that I will be going back to my most recent freelance job in September. The news came as quite a relief.

Me and the kids went to Pentwater, Michigan for a few days, this is the view down the pier. It's one of our favorite places, and it just doesn't feel like summer unless we get there at least once. Marc had to miss it, so we are hoping for a labor day weekend visit as well.

My mom and I got a chance to check out my favorite antique shop in Pentwater. I saw what I wanted to see in this pattern - a wrap around skirt with a cute top. I have been looking for a wrap skirt for a long time (why is that a hard thing to find?) What I didn't notice before I bought it is the size, one I had never seen before, an 8PT - the PT stands for Pre-Teen! Oh well, I still took it out and read the directions and looked at all the pattern pieces. I read patterns like some people read cookbooks. I just enjoy reading the directions - a little weird I know.

This might be the prettiest vintage fabric I have ever found (at the same antique store). The selvage reads "Madison Chintz" an exclusive vat colored screen print for C & T fabrics. I just love the combination of colors and floral shapes. I want to make a summer blouse out of it (there's about 3 yards).

Now onto the find of the day - the "Keep Slim" hankie. It was in a box of hankies that came from the collection of a woman with the initials A. S. There were many A hankies, and a wonderful selection, all beautiful and unused. I had decided to buy only one, and this was my favorite.

Mae took this of me at work soon after we returned home. I had an order for the Caroline full, and the Sour Cherries half apron in my in-box.


Anonymous said...

"I read patterns like some people read cookbooks. I just enjoy reading the directions - a little weird I know."

NO! not weird at all. I'm the same way. :) what fantastic finds! Love the Keep Slim too! And that's so nice to come home to - orders waiting in your in-box. sweet!

Blaize said...

I need a hankie to reminds me to brush my teeth, too! That fabric you found is completely darling. I'm glad you are having a good summer.

Anonymous said...

p.s. because you make me happy

ding ding! I've awarded you the Tree of Happiness. see my blog for more info. :)

Anonymous said...

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