Friday, October 12, 2007

Practically Necessary Woven Labels

A lot of people have asked me about my labels lately. I ordered them from Cruz Label in LA. When I started building my business last year I was able to do much of the work: I designed the logo, built the website, and obviously create the product. I felt that the look of the label was critical - I take so much pride in my sewing that I wanted a label that reflected that. That's a long way of saying that they weren't cheap - they cost more than than my precious sewing machine!

The process went like this: Cruz will send you a sample card with all of the different weaves and styles they offer. I chose one and then sent them an Illustrator file and specified PMS (pantone matching system) colors. Cruz will give you a woven "proof" to make sure it's just right. My first try with colors was a little off (the cream had a green cast) and I tried another color. That color was just right - I got exactly what I wanted and I am still thrilled with them.


Green Kitchen said...

Thanks, I was meaning to ask. Now I have to go research how much your sewing machine cost.

Kerry said...

I got my 1978 Viking Husqvarna on ebay for about $380. The labels were around $400 for 1,000. I guess I could have just come out and said that in the post!

JL said...

I love the labels.