Friday, July 13, 2007

The Latest

I made this apron for my daughter Mae's brownie troop leader Deb (I appreciate her hard work so much). The topstitching on the pocket flap covers a mistake (I love it when a creative idea to hide a mistake ends up being a good idea!) - and then I ended up adding the apron to my line and updating the previous Callie Black apron with this one. I have also lowered some of the prices, mostly on my aprons of this same style (Callie Blue, Callie Black, and Caroline and a few others) and the full aprons as well. Please have a look at the site and let me know what you think!


Blaize said...

I can see dead people! Happy flowery dead people. When my mom was a Girl Scout leader no one gave her even half as awesome a present.

Although with this one, I wonder if, when one of the girls gets old enough to enter her "goth" phase, she'll come back and burgle the apron from her old brownie leader.

Blaize said...

Also, I think the site is looking good. I linked it from my blog, which will help in its small way to get it up higher in a Google search for, say, aprons. Not that I blog much, but it's the linking that counts, or so I hear.

Kerry said...

Thanks so much for linking Blaize - it does help.