Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday's Project

This is an apron for a friend who ordered 2 custom aprons made from her Great Grandmother's gingham. The gingham had been curtains and a matching tablecloth. Great Grandma had already cut them up a bit - it looked like she was planning to make a blouse (there were sleeves cut out) but she never finished and the fabric had been sitting in a bag for years. On 2 of the aprons I was able to preserve the tiny hand stitches that formed the hem. I hope my friend is pleasantly surprised with this apron!


Blaize said...

Who, I ask, who could not be pleased with these?

joy said...

I love these so much! You've taken something that many people would have thrown away and created a new/old family heirloom. wonderful!

Queen B said...

yes, she is quite pleased. there are now a total three custom aprons made from my great grandma sobolik's cross-stitched gingham scraps... one for my sister, one for my neice and one for ME!