Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rain Delay Purse

The dang rain kept up all day. I guess that's the chance you take when you participate in an outdoor sale! After we set up the table, I came home and set to making a purse. It turned out to be one of those projects where EVERYTHING goes wrong. I measured twice, cut once - but managed to measure twice incorrectly (for the lining) after I corrected that I realized the fabric I was using for the lining had a hole in it!! ARGHH!!!! Oh well - It came out pretty well after all was said and done (and ripped out and resewn!) Here's hoping for sun tomorrow!


Blaize said...

The fabric is great, as is the size and shape. It has great gestalt., even with all the problems you had putting it together. Also: windmill! Awesome!

Jen said...

Wow, is that ever cute. The fabric is perfect!